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The Plan:
Sona Zines plan to release a number of zines throughout the year, each driven by a different theme every time. The purpose is to inspire collaboration; network artistic talent and promote the arts that still thrive in and outside of the city. This is a non-profit project. 

The Concept Is Simple:
Theme - Audio - Visual - Release - Repeat

Sona Zines will seek a number of sound artists to produce sound work based on a given theme. When all the sounds are completed, they will be released as part of an "open call" for visual artists to interpret, engage and produce visuals that will coincide with the theme and associated sound. Sona Zines will then take all sounds and corresponding artworks and create a physical zine that will be released in local outlets in Cork City.

Visual Artists
The theme of this edition is Enzymes.
The sound pieces for this edition are complete. We ask that you listen to the sound pieces via the 'audio' page and submit your artwork based on what you have heard via the 'submit' page.  If there are any issues uploading artwork, please send to sonazines@gmail.com instead. Please note that the Zine will be in A5 portrait orientation so your artwork will need to fit with this requirement.  We will contact you once we receive your artwork. Each artist will receive a copy of the zine once it is printed.

The deadline for submissions is September 30th 2020.
Get listening. Get interpreting. Get creating.

© 2020 by Sona Zines

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