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Mark Heffernan | Multi-Media | Cork | Enzymes

Enzymes immediately suggests to me the breaking down and building up of a thing - bodily, nature, thoughts, emotions and so on. The process is not a simple one. It is convoluted,  conflicted, disgusting and beautiful. It is the normal order of things and it is accepted to be the case.

My sound piece sets to conjure these expressions in a way that stirs the listener, dosing beauty into an elixir of 
transformation which can be uncomfortable but also respiratory and releasing to the individual.

We break down to feel the earth and in that step, we generate an appreciation of the process of growing yet again - an ebb and flow; a constant reminder that everything has it's own set of seasons.

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Brian Leach | Multi-Media | Cork | Enzymes

For a long time I had been interested in mixing the ancient with the futuristic. In particular, I envisioned a piece that would fuse Uilleann Pipes and Sci-Fi. ‘Technotrad’. I saw a way that these two things might come together, react, facilitate creation, and depart unchanged. This is the Enzyme.


As is often the case in a creative endeavor, things did not turn out quite as I envisioned. I found that I had mistakenly relegated the ‘best bits’ to the cutting room floor. Among these offcuts I found the truth of what I wanted to say. Eventually it presented itself in this word collage.


Work on the piece started on March 16th 2020. Saint Patrick’s day was cancelled, lockdown was looming, and the Spring of 2020 was shaping up to be utterly upside-down. I feel that this short piece is a distillation of the frustration that I felt during that time. The work was completed on June 1st.


Brian Leach is a sound artist, instrument maker, and musician from Cork. He is a member of Outlaw Studios and Benchspace Cork. His current work is in freestyle electronics.


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Dee O' Leary | Sound & Foley Artist | Cork | Enzymes

​When thinking of enzymes I was inspired by the build up and dissolves in proteins and the inner workings of the human body. The act of being in lockdown lead to recording ordinary, almost mundane sounds to the experience of being stuck at home. Between those and musical ambient designs, meant to represent the human mind. It was trying to explore the idea of inner body and consciousness while allowing my day to day experience of the effects of COVID-19 lead the flow of the piece.

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Jesse James Hallaway | Multi-Media | Cork | Enzymes

​These pieces are a result of an exploration of Ableton as a viable for sound art creation. In this piece, the initial sounds where created using a part of the DNA sequence of a Covid-19  as piano notes. This was then layered, abstracted and added to until it became the finished piece. 

Acting with an un-cooperative collaborators, I gather data in an at- tempt to create a third party, an emergent entity within the purpose built computer program. This entity might be found in the rolling piano notes, the sonified data gathered from plants or the irregular digitized screeches formed from the computer screen. 

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